Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stinky Feet

A few days ago I had a particularly poopy day. Literally- I had cleaned up more poopy messes & accidents that day than I have since the boys were back in potty-training days. To be quite honest, it was a little frusterating to be cleaning up potty messes from my 'big boys' who have been potty trained for two years now. It also made our move to a larger home with more than one bathroom all the more exciting, as they will no longer have the 'I couldn't wait in line any longer so I accidentally went on the floor' excuse.

And come to think of it, we have had ALOT of messes around here lately. Just last night two boys spilled milk at dinner, and then my husband spilled the ENTIRE gallon. Yes, the whole gallon. Big mess.

And of course the day to day "a lot of people live in this house and you can tell" little life-messes, (crumbs on the floor, dog rolls in the dirt & brings it all inside, soap is more fun when it's dumped in the bath tub, let's play "moving" day & pack up all our clothes but not un-pack them) types of messes.

Okay- exhausted yet? I am! But do you know what God has been whispering to me lately, through all these messes?

"Wash their feet"

Now, he's telling me this for one of two reasons: a.) they like to wear their tennis shoes around the house sock-less and it has caused some odor issues around here, or b.) he wants me to see that I'm not cleaning up after my family, I'm cleaning up after Him- his creations, his blessings, his children.

And here's my current favorite bible verse:

"Now that I, your Lord and Teacher have washed your feet, you should also wash one another's feet. I have set an exmpale that you should do as I have done for you."
John 13:14-15

I'm going to make a big plaque to hang up on the wall with this verse on it, with each of my children's foot prints below to remind me that I'm not picking up after messy kids, I'm not a maid, a slave, a cook, or a babysitter. I'm a foot-washer!

The most awesome thing about being a foot-washer is that it is something I am doing for God. And getting to wash the feet of God is an honor, not a burden. It seems every time I get annoyed or tired at another spill, a sink full of dishes, or endless piles of laundry I can hear his voice "wash their feet, wash their feet!". And then I remember what I'm REALLY doing here, and then I find joy (His joy!) in serving my family.

Yes, there is a whole world of needy people out there who need some good foot-washing. But God wants me to start right here with my husband and my children. A few weeks ago I announced to my husband that I would no longer be making his sandwiches every night for his lunch the next day. If he wants to eat anything other than a Hot Pocket or a can of soup then he can come in here and pack his own lunch. He is a grown-up, after all. But then I heard God telling me "He's got stinky feet too! Wash his feet, pack his lunch, surprise him & sort the recyclables, find ways to serve him for ME!" Why is that so hard for us, as women, to want to serve our husbands? Maybe it's because I know he may not be as eager to return the favor by doing that sink full of dishes, or maybe it's because I take care of children all day and I feel like I shouldn't have to pick-up after the only other grown up in this house. And it doesn't help that we live in a society where it's okay to 'need a break' it's okay to gossip about our husband's annoying habits, it's okay to get irritated with your kids. We're only human, right? It's normal and it happens to all of us. But we are supposed to be serving a God that wants us to put ourselves aside (in fact, he wants us to DIE to our old-self!) and wash feet! And if I am doing it through Him, he shows me that there is actually joy to be found in washing these stinky little feet!

Oh, and Lord- I get your message now. Thank you for the increase in messes & spills around here lately, it gave me an opportunity to see them through your eyes, and to remember to always be a foot-washer to my family. But, I think I get it. I promise I won't forget, you can stop with all the spills. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Heart is Spoken For

Sorry folks, if you are reading this in search of some profound advice, I got nothin' today! God's right in the middle of 'messin with me' and although I'm anxious to share some new revelations, I don't think it's quite time. I'm excited about what he's doing in my life, once again, and I'll be sharing soon I hope!

I just wanted to share my heart today. The recent tragedy in Japan has reminded me once again how short life is, how hard life is, but how sweet my savior is. I wanted to share some of the things he has done for me lately.

If Jesus had done nothing aside from preparing a way and a place for me in Heaven I would still be blessed beyond what I deserve. He would still be worthy of my praises. But he goes beyond that! Not only does he offer me eternity, but he offers me his friendship, his love, his presence here on earth until I see him face to face.

About a year and a half ago when I really decided to follow God whole-heartedly, I felt a sense of loneliness. I was lacking some really, really close friends that were also strong Christians and it bothered me. I remember whining to God about it and telling him I felt lonely. Nothing has changed since that prayer several months ago, but I just realized recently that I don't feel that loneliness anymore. Who do you supposed filled that void? Jesus is my best friend. And he is the best friend you could ever have, because he will never, ever, let you down.

I also realized that the more in love with Jesus I am, the more in love with my husband I am. You see, if I look to my husband for happiness and security, and if I expect him to be my knight in shining armor ALL the time, he will eventually dissapoint me. He will do (or not do) something that makes me mad, say (or not say) something that makes me sad, or act in a way I disagree with. He is human, and so am I. We will always have our disagreements. But when I keep my eyes focused on Jesus, the less important our disagreements seem. The more content I am with just having Jesus, the more content and happier I am in my marriage. In fact, the more I love Jesus, the more I love all others. I realized we are all human, we ALL fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), we are all human and we will always dissapoint one another. But he has called us to forgive and to love one another, the way he loves us, and that kind of love can only come through loving him, and letting him love through me.

Yesterday at bible study we received an invitation to walk with the Lord. Yes, an actual folded up bright yellow peice of paper that said "An Invitation to Follow Jesus" When: Immediately Where: Wherever He goes What to Bring: Nothing, leave it all behind Why: You will never be in the dark. RSVP: Only after counting the cost.

Friend, I want to invite you to Follow Jesus. There is a difference between believing in God, and actually accepting him as your personal savior. If you believe you are a child of God, does your life reflect that? Does your heart reflect that? If someone were to ask you the question: "What is God doing in your life?" what would your answer be? Aside from all the blessings he's poured out on all of us, what is he REALLY doing in your life? Are you giving him the things he's asked of you? Are you allowing him to change and mold your heart? Do you feel his presence in your life?

If the answer is no, then I urge you to accept your invitation. He will show you things about yourself that you didn't even realize were there. He will fix things that you didn't know needed fixing. He will give you a peace and a joy that the rest of the world is so desperate for. I get so annoyed at the LG logo, because life is not always good. Life is hard, but GOD IS GOOD!