Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scotch Guarded by Grace

Moms know a lot about stains. And spills. And tears. And dirt. But so does God. Before I was a 'Jesus Girl' God saw me as someone wearing dirty ol' rags covered with stains and tears and dirt; it was as if I was trying my hardest to look dressed up for the world but I didn't even own anything other than torn, stained, & painted on play clothes. I was filthy. And then one day for some reason he reached down his big ol'arm from Heaven and offered to take my tattered, worn down rags and exchange them for brand-spanking-first-day-of school-type stark white clothes. My Daddy bought me a brand new outfit; paid for in full by his very own son, Jesus. And the beauty of it was I hadn't done anything to earn it! How awesome is that: I didn't have to do anything but recieve these beautiful new washed-white as snow clothes! Now come on thrify moms, THAT is a bargain!

For many of you, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Anyone that has come to accept Jesus as their savior knows that his blood has washed away all our sins, he has made us white as snow. But recently God gave me a revelation; he didn't just wash away my sins and make me white as snow, he scotch-guarded me! Okay, now I know that sounds corny, but stick with me here. I think sometimes Christians think that every time we sin, the same thing happens to our snow-white robe that happened to our once cream carpeting that was beautiful and spotless b.k. (before kids); it starts looking dingy to God. He must look on us as 'less' now, we have failed. We are no longer worthy, and it's even worse to sin after salvation because we know better. But that is wrong. God's word tells us that there is NOTHING we can do to un-do what the cross did for us. There is nothing that can make God see us as anything other than his beautiful, precious, white-as snow child. My salvation is scotch-guarded by Grace.

Now please hear me on this, and hear me loud and clear. If you had saved for months and finally gotten rid of your hand-me-down plaid sofa and bought yourself a beautiful new white couch, you would do everything in your power to keep it clean. Even if you had it scotch-gaurded against spills, I would bet that you wouldn't offer your 2 year old a glass of grape juice on that couch. No, you know how much that couch cost, and you know it's not worth the risk. The same is true with us; if you really and truley know and appreciate the cost that Jesus paid for your stark-white robe, you would do anything in your power to keep it clean; anything in your power to keep yourself from intentionally sinning. But we are human; we sin. We make mistakes, we say things we shouldn't say, lose our temper, and think thoughts that we hope nobody will ever know. Unintentional spur-of the moment, my flesh got the better of me type sin. And that's where his Scotch-Guard comes in handy. That's where we find our freedom in Christ, where Grace abounds.

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