Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amazing Grace

God gave me just a little more insight and understanding of His GRACE this week, and I have noticed a lot of other mothers beating themselves up latey, so I thought it timely to share…

I attend a women’s prayer meeting on Monday nights, and this past Monday, after spewing out my long list of failures that had occurred in a mere 24 hours, I packed my junk up, hit my knees, and gave it to God in prayer. As I sat there asking for forgiveness I realized a lot of these things were issues I had been tripping over my entire Christian walk. Same stuff, different day. While I had come so far in who I was as a Christian, wife, and mother, I clearly had so much left undone. God, you really have your work cut out for you here.

I sat there and became so disappointed in myself for stumbling again. I was tired of failing God, and I was certain that God was tired of being failed-tired of forgiving me once again. I was literally trying to talk God out of loving me, trying to explain to him that I was a lost cause. I wondered if it was time for me to just give up once and for all…

In that moment God poured an overwhelming realization of how much He loves me. And I, in my flaws, failures, and flesh, felt so completely loved by God. Yet so completely unworthy of his love and his patience that I came undone. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to understand why God would not only forgive me once again, but love me this much. And then use me, despite all of my failures.

And while God doesn’t intend for us to fully comprehend his ways, he answered my questions with on simply marvelous word: “GRACE”.

I wanted to beat myself up for not being strong enough to overcome my sins once and for all, but I realized that even when I don’t feel as though God’s strength is working to perfect my shortcomings, I can be sure that his Grace is at work to forgive them. His Grace is working. It always works, and His Grace is enough. And that is how we are made strong through our weakness. If I were perfect I would have no need for his Grace- I would have no need for Him, and his Grace is one of the best things about Him. While it is not my desire to purposefully go out and sin against the God who loves me; at times my temper will get the best of me, my attitude will need adjusting, or my flesh will cave to temptations and I will find myself face flat in failures asking God to continue his good work in me, forgive me of my sins and make me a little more like him today than I was yesterday. And the God of Grace will, without fail, look upon my heart that is broken from my failures and be glad for another opportunity to pour is Grace out on me.

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