Thursday, September 12, 2013

Have a 'God' Day!

Look at me, I am blogging again and that can only mean one thing- school is back in session! Over half my kids are back in full day school, and I have a little bit more breathing room again (until 3:20pm that is, then things go nuts around here!). Now that we are finally back in the full swing of all things school around here, I thought it appropraite to write a back-to-school blog.

Every Monday, I try to anoint my 1st grade foreheads with anointing oil for the week. They think it's silly and it smells funny, but they usually remind me if I forget...planting seeds. I try to pray everyday at the breakfast table, or in the car on the way to school. They usually wiggle and keep their eyes open, and pretend to not be listening, but they usually remind me to pray if I forget...planting seeds. And the last thing I say to my kids, as I drop them off at those big, heavy, metal double doors that lead into their day is "have a GOD day!" They may not quite understand how to make that happen, but they hear their mama explain it to them constantly...planting seeds.

Some may wonder why I don't cheerfully wave and say "Have a good day, honey!" But really, they can't control how their day goes. There are 101 outside environemental forces that can affect whether or not they have a good day. They could trip over a shoe lace and skin their knee, forget their sack lunch on soft taco day, get made fun of on the playground, leave their library book in the car and have to come home and do homework. I am fully aware as I drop them off at school everyday that they could be facing a stinky-rotten-no-good-day ahead of them. But I want them to know, that no matter what happens, they can still have a God day. I want them to focus on pleasing God rather than pleasing their flesh. And I want them to know that God is with them even when things are bad (and they will get bad!). I want them to understand that life won't always be good; but their days can always be God's. I want them to understand that instead of reacting to what is going on around them, they have the choice to respond in a Godly manner. To take their moment-by-moment emotions to God, and learn how to replace those with the peace that passes all understanding. To seek God in all circumstances, even the bad ones. I want them to understand that we have no promise of an easy life, but we do have a promise that God will ALWAYS be with us.

When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze
Isiah 43:2